Comparing Ruby, C, and Go

puzzle for comparing Ruby, C, and Go

What do we learn when we solve the same problem in Ruby, C, and Go? How might the solutions differ in flexibility, readability, and performance?

The Hashrocket team presented a snake_case programming challenge during Ancient City Ruby last week. Nineteen attendees submitted correct solutions. Three of the solvers were selected at random to receive a prize: Raspberry Pi 3.

One of the solvers, Jack Christensen of Hashrocket, gave a lightning talk about his approach. The contest called for a solution in Ruby. Jack added two more languages: C and Go.

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Ancient City Ruby 2016

Hashrocket launched Ancient City Ruby in 2013 and the conference has grown ever since. Participants come from around the world: Some to speak, some to learn, some to pair-program with the Hashrocket team for days (or weeks) after the conference.

I am grateful to the organizers for inviting me to present Get Ready for Parallel Programming Featuring Parallella this year.

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Pine64 Quick Start Guide (with Gotchas)

Pine64 desktop with WindyCityThings in the browser

The Pine64 is a single board computer with four 64-bit cores. The device runs Linux, and prices start at US$15.00. The company raised $1.7 million in their Jan 2016 Kickstarter campaign.

This post tells how to get a brand new Pine64 up and running using Mac OS X for image download and creation. Gotchas are included. Finally, we will compare the Pine64 with another multi-core single board computer, Parallella.

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Flourish! 2016 at UIC

Flourish! is an exciting and free (as in beer) open source conference held annually at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dates for this year: April 1-2, 2016.

Why Flourish?

We go to conferences so that we can learn about trends before everybody else. Flourish excels in predicting the future. Flourish introduced me to Arduino and Bitcoin years before they were common knowledge. The event is a magnet for open source enthusiasts who love to teach and learn.

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How to Build a Successful IoT Company

Find a need and fulfill it. Successful businesses are founded on the needs of people.
~A. G. Gaston

The Internet of Things is surrounded by hype. But a few companies are navigating beyond the hype into a river of profit. IoT Chicago recently invited John Hennessy, founder of Sell the Prize, to share the IoT success story of Locus Traxx.

Preserving Perishable Goods

Locus Traxx uses IoT to ensure that perishable goods are shipped safely.

For example, if delicate medications are transported in a hot shipping container, the goods could spoil and lives could be put in danger. Locus Traxx makes sensors that monitor temperature and other environmental factors during transport to ensure that sensitive shipments arrive intact. The sensors send data to a cloud app in real time, while the data is collected, so shipping managers can monitor product health during transport.

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