Node.js Under Water

The New York City Node JS Meetup asked me to speak about OpenROV Wednesday evening. About eighty developers came out for the meeting. Their meetings are especially cool because they’re held at the Empire State Building, probably the best known NYC landmark. Thank you Shutterstock, Matt Walters, and all of the NYCNode organizers for making it happen.

Presentation Video

The following video is a rough draft, useful if you want to hear the dialog that went along with the slides. Lots of good questions from the audience.


Slides from SpeakerDeck

Slides appear below.


Next Step With OpenROV

Our work with OpenROV will climax at RubyCaribe in January 2015. If you’re an intermediate or advanced software developer, and if you like to stretch your brain with Ruby and other languages (like Node.js) then RubyCaribe might be for you.