OWC Thinks Ahead

MacBook Pro SSD, next to a nickel.

Every computer user has to deal with this at some point. Your machine runs out of storage space: hard drive, SSD, or whatever mass storage you happen to use. In my case, the 512GB SSD in my early 2013 MacBook Pro was over 90% full. Time for an upgrade.

Fortunately (and contrary to what the Apple literature says) it is possible to upgrade the SSD in a MacBook Pro. RAM is different because the MBP’s RAM is soldered to the logic board. But the SSD plugs into a socket. The SSD upgrade path is well-documented on YouTube and elsewhere.

Ordered from OWC

Ordering an SSD from Amazon would have saved a few bucks, but I chose Other World Computing instead. Past experience with OWC has been outstanding. The company consistently offers high-performance gear. It was all a matter of trust.

On the day my 960GB SSD arrived, I smacked myself on the forehead. I realized (too late) that I forgot to order a screwdriver for the special pentalobe screws that hold the MacBook Pro together.

Screwdrivers Included

But… When I opened the SSD box from OWC, I was pleasantly surprised. A pentalobe screwdriver was included in the SSD kit, along with a six-point Torx screwdriver. Both screwdrivers are needed for the installation. Thanks to OWC’s forethought, my upgrade plans moved forward undisturbed.

The hardest part of the SSD upgrade was waiting patiently for the Time Machine restoration to complete.

OWC thinks ahead.

Lesson Learned

WisdomGroup turned twenty years old today. Whenever I experience outstanding service from a company, I pause to think about how to apply the lesson to WisdomGroup and all of our related ventures. The lesson in this case: Think ahead. Anticipate the needs of the customer. And fulfill those needs.

Thanks OWC for making the SSD upgrade process as seamless as possible. And thanks for the business lesson, too!