Boost Your Skills, Boost Your Network at WindyCityRails

WindyCityRails is on track to sell out this year. You could be part of the group that achieves the goal. Use discount code CHICAGORUBY for $50 off before 9/5/2015. Register now.

New to Rails?

What if you’re new to Rails? Should you attend? Yes. WindyCityRails is one of the best ways to build your network of fellow professionals. Our skills get stronger when we challenge each other in positive ways.

Rails Veteran?

Should Rails veterans attend? Yes. Every presentation will address the problems we face as a Rails app grows. Every speaker has wrestled with scaling issues. You’ll learn how to balance theoretical computer science against the urgent need to get things done. Refactoring, testing, performance, cloud management, the future of Rails… topics you need to know in order to grow to the next level.

Further, WindyCityRails attracts the kind of speakers who mix and mingle with the audience. Want to dig deeper into a scalability problem? Grab a chair next to one of the speakers and have a conversation!

Entrepreneurs and Investors

Entrepreneurs should attend WindyCityRails if they’re looking to build the next great technical team. Investors might discover the next Rails success story to invest in.

Rails Success Stories

What success stories are built with Rails? Start with the WindyCityRails sponsors: Financial powerhouses like Avant, Braintree, and Enova head the list. Centro uses Rails to revolutionize the advertising industry. Reverb is a favorite of musicians, and Hired has clever ideas about building teams of talent.

Skillcrush lists 30+ successful companies using Rails. Yours could be next!

Developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors all find value in WindyCityRails.

Hands On Learning w/Braintree

Open source is even more exciting when you give back to the community. Braintree is running an Open Source Lounge that will show you how.


Smart People. Learning Together.

When smart people challenge each other to grow, great things happen. Add your brain to the mix, and let’s grow together. Use the promo code CHICAGORUBY to save $50 when you register now.

See you on Sept 17th!