Order From My Table

If you own a restaurant that offers WiFi, it can be frustrating to have “customers” camp out at a table all day using the WiFi and buying little. As an owner, you can get mad. Or you can come up with a way to capitalize on the opportunity.

Panera found a way to profit from the opportunity.

Meet the Need and Get Paid

Panera figured out a way to capitalize on the opportunity. When you log on to Panera’s WiFi network, they make it very easy for the WiFi user to order food right immediately. Even better… Panera staff will bring the food to your table! Check out the screenshot.

Panera: Order from my table.

Anticipating Customer Needs

Panera’s offering is a brilliant example of anticipating a customer need, addressing the need, and getting paid. “Order from my table” addresses owner and customer needs as follows:

Great move, Panera!