8th Light Acquires WisdomGroup

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
~Police Chief in the movie Jaws

After 21 years of independent operation, WisdomGroup has been acquired by 8th Light.

WisdomGroup’s two-decade history has been an adventure of growth and change. We started with network and server installations, morphed to the web, and tightened our focus to Ruby in 2005.

In the past 24 months, WisdomGroup has moved beyond the web into advanced tech such as parallelism and IoT. Exploring these areas has stretched us in good ways. And now, as the police chief said in the movie Jaws: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Two choices: Grow WisdomGroup organically (a hiring process requiring years), or join forces with a larger company that consistently delivers great software. 8th Light is the logical choice.

Hats off to CEO Paul Pagel and the entire 8th Light team for a smooth acquisition process.