Obsessive Learning

I do the learning thing pretty obsessively.
~Mandla Magagula

Mandla Magagula and I spoke via Skype yesterday morning. Mandla is a software developer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he’s not at work, Mandla and his team teach software craftsmanship to local youth. Mandla and I met at Ruby Fuza 2015 in Cape Town. His passion for teaching and learning radiates for anyone he meets, as you can see in this 20-minute video:



Talking Ends. Action Begins.

During our Skype call, we talked about 8th Light’s acquisition of WisdomGroup, and within a few minutes our conversation turned to Mandla’s thoughts about training the next generation of developers. Conversations like this become powerful when the talking ends and the action begins. In Mandla’s case, action takes form in Uzuko Hill, the training organization that he formed with a colleague, Theo Bohnen. They launched with a handful of students, and they grow every year.

Software craftsmanship is global.

Striving Towards Mastery

Some folks are content to perform at their current level of skill. They deliver an acceptable level of results at work, and they’re fine. But some professionals have a burning desire for mastery. People with this burning desire to master a craft tend to gather together. To learn from each other. To challenge each other to grow.

SCNA is a conference that attracts developers with a burning desire to achieve mastery in software development. To hone their skills continuously over time, and to deliver better results for clients and other stakeholders.

Do you have a driving desire to achieve? Then perhaps SCNA is for you.

Come to SCNA

Are you a software developer looking to take your skills to the next level? Consider the SCNA conference, arriving in Los Angeles on October 21, 2016. Learn from industry leaders like Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin and Michael Feathers. Network with your peers, trade ideas, and have a great time with a room full of smart people who will welcome you. Register now. We look forward to seeing you.