Inspired By Success

Restoration Hardware in Nashville, TN

It is exciting to be inspired by success. Whenever I notice a business executing well, I ask myself this question: “How can I emulate this level of excellence within Bridgetown Partners?”

Recent inspirational experience: Restoration Hardware in Nashville, Tennessee.

You probably know Restoration Hardware as a seller of high-end home furnishings with locations in affluent areas around the USA. Yesterday, while walking through RH’s Nashville location, I discovered a restaurant in the middle of the showroom.

“Discovered” is probably the wrong word. How do you discover something that has already been built by someone else? Still, I approached the hostess station to learn more about my… discovery. I learned that RH has managed restaurants in fourteen of their stores for roughly five years.

“We also have a walk-up bar,” said one of the hostesses. “So, if you’d like to grab a coffee or glass of wine while you browse around, you’re welcome to it.”

Brilliant idea.

Any customer spending RH-level prices for home furnishings will want to take time to consider the purchase seriously. Humans tend to enjoy positive thoughts when the belly is full. RH’s restaurant investment is a smart way to position the customer for a positive purchase decision.

And now my wheels are spinning. How do I provide something just as wonderful for Bridgetown’s customers?

It’s exciting to be inspired by success. Steve Jobs is famous for repeating this quote from Picasso: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”