Mindful Landlord

Mindful Landlord by Terrie Schauer

Terrie Schauer, author of Mindful Landlord, is a real estate investor and a world champion martial artist. Her skills include kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The second edition of Mindful Landlord covers lessons learned during the Covid pandemic, a time when landlords (and everyone else) were faced with new challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Stuff We Know and Stuff We Don’t Know

Mindful Landlord discusses concepts that most investors already know: How to find tenants, how to manage contractors, and the like. The book is unique because it challenges the reader to consider the Why behind the investments that we make. Why do we want to earn more money? Do we invest because we want more consumer goods, or do we want to spend more time connecting with our friends and families? What steps can we take (within ourselves) to keep from over-reacting in anger when an interaction with a tenant or vendor doesn’t go as planned? Mindful Landlord explores these questions in ways that I find helpful.

Love vs. Fear

To my knowledge, this is the only investment book that includes chapters on meditation, focusing on love over fear, or actively seeking the discomfort that comes with learning. How does an investor or business leader fail their way to success? This book tells how.


I recommend Mindful Landlord to any real estate investor, regardless of where they are on their journey.