RaiseFest Celebrates Capitalism

Ray Hightower on stage at RaiseFest 2024 in Phoenix, AZ USA

Over 1,000 capital raisers attended RaiseFest in Phoenix last week. The event attracts fund managers, investors, and related professionals. We gathered for quality presentations, networking, and fun.

RaiseFest is a celebration of capitalism. When good people conduct business, everybody wins.

Panel: The Entrepreneurial Path Less Taken

I was grateful to serve on a panel at this year’s RaiseFest. Our moderator, Carlos Salguero, posed excellent questions and kept the discussion moving. To my fellow panelists, Bryan Escudero, Madhavi Nade Jain, and Vasu Kakarlapudi: It was great serving with you, and I look forward to working with you again!


So many people came together to make the event a success. Special thanks to the following:

One More Thing…

If you raised $1M or more in the past year, I invite you to contact our team about an opportunity that you might find attractive.