Saying No

Saying NO

Yes or No?

Sometimes the best answer is NO.

Our team at Bridgetown Partners sifts through scores of deals before making one offer. It is our mission to find the best balance between risk and ROI for our investors. If a deal falls short, we say NO. Over time, we say NO to a lot of potential offerings.

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Lessons From My Father

Hightower Family Late 1960s

Today is my father’s birthday. If Dad were still living, he would be 93 years old today. He passed away when I was eighteen, right at the point where I was viewing him more as a mentor than as a disciplinarian. I think of him often. I especially think of the lessons he taught my brother and me during his brief time on this planet.


Dad had a clear, no-nonsense way of dealing with obstacles. He would tell my brother and me that any obstacle can be dealt with. We just need to go over it, under it, around it, or through it. Simple and direct.

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ROIClear is for Business Leaders

ROIClear is the video podcast for business leaders.

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Investing in Arizona vs California

Bridgetown Partners is a buyer of multifamily apartment properties. We buy the properties and we make improvements, thereby giving people a great place to live. Further, we invite investors to benefit from our work. Investors receive preservation of capital, tax advantages, and a solid return on investment.

Early in our history, we considered investing in California. We quickly shifted our focus to Arizona instead. Why?

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Deal With Cancer Proactively and Aggressively

MRI Tumor -

Few things are scarier than cancer. When one adds the element of uncertainty, as in “that tumor might be cancerous, we’re not 100% sure”, the emotion of fear is amplified. Let me explain.

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