GMail vs Microsoft Exchange

Note: This article was originally posted on the WisdomGroup blog.

When Arizona State University shifted 65,000 users from their in-house email system to GMail, support calls went down and savings went up. The move saves the University $400,000 per year. Does it still make sense to have an in-house email server?

Four-Minute Video Description

Adrian Sannier, Information Technology Officer at ASU, outlines the problem and solution in this 4-minute video.


Migrating from Exchange

WisdomGroup migrated to GMail in November 2007 after nine years with Microsoft Exchange. The biggest benefits for WisdomGroup include:

When to Outsource

If fighting spam has become a commodity service, why not outsource it? That way, your company can focus on those things that add value to the products and services you sell to your customers. Do you really want to spend time maintaining a mail server? Or do you want to spend time growing your company?