RubyMotion Sketchnotes

RubyMotion Sketchnotes Alexis Finch (@agentfin) captured Sketchnotes for a RubyMotion presentation that I gave for Groupon’s Geekfest.

Sketchnotes are typography and drawing and notes all mixed together.

Alexis is remarkable. It’s challenging enough to capture text notes during a presentation. But Alexis managed to turn the talk into meaningful graphics in real time. Something amazing is happening between the ears of Alexis!

Mike Rohde (@rohdesign) developed Sketchnotes when he became frustrated with note-taking. Mike is the go-to guy for anything related to Sketchnotes. He has published videos and a book describing the process.

Thank you Alexis and Mike for sharing your artistic insights, and thank you Groupon for having me at Geekfest.