Specialized Knowledge and the Courage to Execute

Teenagers are a tough audience. If you have ever spoken to a youth group, you know the challenge: Speak about something important without putting the youth to sleep. Tall order.

Three Stories

Boy Scout Troop 534 “Hey!” asked me to speak at the Troop’s annual reunion breakfast this year. I approached them with three stories centered around the theme of Specialized Knowledge and the Courage to Execute. What a boring title! But the three stories appealed to the group. Here’s a summary of the first story:

A tractor maker takes drastic action when when Enzo Ferrari (creator of the Ferrari sports car) pisses him off.

Here’s the 11-minute video:


This event was a big deal for me because I grew up in Troop 534 “Hey!”, I currently serve as one of the adult leaders, and the breakfast organizers normally invite an outsider to speak. Why listen to a speaker who you see all the time?

I took the speaking invitation as an opportunity to assemble some new material. Thank you scouts, parents, and leaders for having me.