Be Awesome. Tackle Big League Problems at WindyCityRails

Be awesome.

Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

Common thread: It’s time to unleash the awesomeness in your bones. You want to take your skills to the next level, and you are ready to tackle Big League Problems. WindyCityRails is for you.

What are Big League Problems?

You might think of a big league problem as a good problem. For example, the Rails app you built is pulling in customers, and you’re bumping into the limits of your software architecture. Who knew that so many people would buy from you?

Now… How do you scale? Do you buy more hardware, change your architecture, choose a new platform, or some combination of these? Dr. Nic Williams, Brian Shirai, Evan Light, Mark Menard deal with scaling problems. Learn from them.

Maybe you built a gem to solve a problem for yourself, and now you want to release your gem to the world. What legal questions do you need to consider? Did Rails face similar challenges in the beginning? Daliah Saper is an attorney who specializes in intellectual property and other open source software issues. Put her team to work for you.

How about security? Have you outgrown the Devise gem? Or do you simply need to know more about Devise internals so that you can use it more effectively? Maybe it’s time to abandon username/password logins altogether and go with SQRL. Justin Love and Lucas Mazza might have some ideas for you.

Awesome Speakers. Awesome Audience.

This year’s WindyCityRails features the most powerful collection of speakers we’ve ever assembled. Check out the complete list of WindyCityRails speakers and ask yourself what you can learn from each one.

Even better: Only 300 WindyCityRails tickets will be sold. Our speakers enjoy interacting with audience members throughout the conference. As professionals, they are always learning, too! So if you want some face time with people who understand Big League Problems (and more importantly, Big League Solutions) WindyCityRails is the place for you to be.

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