ChicagoRuby Expands to BLUE1647 and 1871

When smart people
challenge each other to grow,
great things happen.
~The ChicagoRuby Motto

If you’re a developer itchin’ to ramp up your Ruby skills, Chicago is a great place to be. The local Ruby user group, ChicagoRuby, continues to expand in time, space, expertise, and numbers. The group is over 3,200 strong, with six events each month plus the annual WindyCityRails conference.

The newest locations on ChicagoRuby’s monthly list are BLUE1647 and 1871.

ChicagoRuby: BLUE1647


BLUE 1647 is an amazing maker space on Chicago’s South Side, in the Pilsen neighborhood. The leadership of BLUE1647 invited ChicagoRuby to host our first meeting in the space on March 19, 2015. The presenter, John Contreras of Matchup, took us through the nuances of Rails background processing.

Rebecca Miller-Webster of thoughtbot will present at our next BLUE1647 meeting on April 17, 2015.

Check the ChicagoRuby calendar for details and to RSVP.

ChicagoRuby: 1871


1871 was an early player in Chicago’s startup incubator industry. Community leaders at 1871 invited ChicagoRuby to lead some Ruby-oriented sessions at the incubator. Marty Lavin will lead our first 1871 event on April 30, 2015.

Organizer Team

Eleven (yes, eleven!) organizers work in concert to make ChicagoRuby run well. Current members of the organizer team are:

ChicagoRuby excels because the work is shared amongst many people. Hats off to our Organizer Alumni too!

Something For You

As of this writing, ChicagoRuby manages six events per month. You are certain to find something that fits you.

Exact dates and locations are on the ChicagoRuby calendar. Come out and collaborate with your fellow learning enthusiasts. You’ll be glad that you did.