Trinity High School: Thank You!

Tinity High School


What is the toughest obstacle you have ever faced in business, and how did you deal with it?
~Student at Trinity High School
 River Forest, IL, USA

Trinity High School invited me to speak to two of their student groups this morning. The first, Information Technology in the Greater Society (ITGS), is a project-based class where students explore multiple facets of the information technology industry: Web development, digital editing, open source, and related areas. The second group, Students Working to Advance Trinity’s Technology (SWAT), lives up to its name by ensuring that students and faculty make full use of the technology deployed by the school.

The students I met at Trinity High School are intelligent and ambitious. The “toughest obstacle” question prompted a great deal of thought. My toughest challenge is realizing that WisdomGroup has too many projects for me to know every detail. Therefore, I need to let go and let members of the team handle their areas as expertly as they always do. (The answer sounds good, but this is indeed a struggle, possibly worthy of a blog article.)

Getting Started in Software Development

For those students who attended this morning’s presentations, here are the links that I promised you:

And here are the slides from the presentation.

About the Experience

Students at Trinity are attentive and engaged. Their questions enable the learning experience to flow both ways, and the presenter learns as much as the audience. Thank you Trinity High School for a great experience!