Git Config for Parallella

Git is the dominant version control system for open source software. When you first burn a Parallella image, git is installed, but it’s configured with the name and email address for the CEO of Adapteva, makers of the Parallella. This article shows a quick way to update your Parallella’s git config with your own information.

Why You Might Care

Every time git records one of your changes, it includes the name of the person who made the change. If you’re the one improving the code on your Parallella, you might as well get credit for it, right?

Finding the Current Git Config

To find the current Git user on your Parallella, use the following commands from the console (or you can use ssh).

$ cat ~/.gitconfig

    email = [masked-email-address]
    name = aolofsson


Here’s an alternative way to view the git configuration…

$ git config --list[masked-email-address]


The odds are one in 7 billion that you are this particular Andreas Olofsson :-)

Making the Config Your Own

To update the git config with your own information…

$ git config --global "Pat Jones"
$ git config --global

And then verify the changes…

$ cat ~/.gitconfig

    email =
    name = Pat Jones