IoT for Educators and Students

The Internet of Things (IoT) is new, roughly where the web was in the early 1990s (before Amazon or Google). WindyCityThings is a conference for IoT professionals. This year, we’re offering special discounts for educators and students, especially those involved in STEM.

What is IoT and why might you care? This article will give a brief answer. Let’s start with a 60-second video.  

There’s still time to be an early adopter in IoT. Here’s why.

What is IoT?

IoT is all about connecting devices to each other via the internet. Enabling devices to talk to each other with minimal human direction. Connectivity enables us to solve problems in better ways. For example, aircraft engines with IoT-equipped sensors can order replacement parts before the engine shows signs of trouble. IoT enables proactive maintenance, which saves lives.

IoT also helps shippers deliver safer foods and medicines.

Student Discounts for WindyCityThings

Professionals pay $499 to attend WindyCityThings. College and high school students ages 16 or older can attend the full WindyCityThings 2016 conference for $39.00. Use the discount code IOTSCHOOL when you register.

Educator Discounts

Teachers, instructors, and professors with an interest in IoT or STEM can attend the full WindyCityThings conference for $39.00. Use the discount code EDUCATOR when you register.

Professional Discounts

If you’re in a profession other than education, use the discount code CHICAGORUBY to save $150 on your full-conference registration.

IoT Youth Program

Students 12 to 17 years of age can register for the half-day IoT Youth Program.


The Internet of Things connects devices. WindyCityThings connects people. Connections, when done well, lead to achievement. Come to WindyCityThings and learn about IoT before everyone else. We look forward to seeing you!