Mob Programming + Fullstack Open Source at 8th Light

Mob Programming - 8th Light - Woody Zull

With enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.
~Linus Torvalds

Developers who are hungry for knowledge will enjoy these two upcoming events:

Both events will be held at the 8th Light office in downtown Los Angeles. The Mob Programming event will be filmed and refreshments will be served. Video footage may be used on or in any of Woody Zull’s training material. By participating, you are consenting to the use of the footage in that context.

About Mob Programming

Perhaps you’re familiar with pair programming: Two developers working together to solve a single problem. Mob programming takes pairing to another level. At Tuesday’s even, Woody Zuill will demonstrate how mob programming can increase the quality of code while reducing bugs.

Be sure to RSVP here to get the exact address and so that we can have refreshments waiting for you. See you then!

About Fullstack Open Source

One of the best ways to ramp up in skill: Work with others who have the same goal. All developers are welcome to participate regardless of skill level.

As always, you can RSVP for Fullstack Open Source here so we can order refreshments for you.

See you soon!