Sidecar: iPad as a Second Display

Sidecar: iPad as a Second Display. Zero to One. Bridgetown Partners.

Apple’s latest laptop operating system, macOS Catalina, includes a feature that took me by surprise: Sidecar. Let’s say that you’re working in a coffee shop and you need additional screen real estate. Sidecar will let your iPad function as a second display.

Pleasant Discovery

Sidecar icon in macOS Catalina

I stumbled across Sidecar right after upgrading to Catalina. Looking through System Preferences, I saw an unfamiliar icon next to Displays. Clicking on the new icon revealed Sidecar. The name and the logo are perfect; Mac users will immediately know what to do.

What About Duet?

Like many readers of this blog, I was a Duet user. Duet is still useful for users who need MS Windows or Android support. Plus, competition between Duet and Apple will encourage both teams to keep innovating.

Real World Experience

Sidecar crashed during my first few experiences with the feature. Fortunately, the latest macOS updates seem to be stable.

Try it out!