Apartment Acquisitions

Apartment Acquisitions in Nashville, TN with Ray Hightower

When I’m not jumping out of airplanes, you’ll likely find me touring an apartment property or running numbers for a potential investment.

I lead a company called Bridgetown Partners. At Bridgetown, we buy apartment properties, fix them up, and give people a great place to live. Here’s why residents and investors enjoy our work…

We cater to business owners and high net worth individuals who are looking for a steady, reliable place to invest capital.

Due Diligence

Today I was in Nashville, Tennessee touring a 140-unit apartment community with a group of fellow investors. We’ve built a community of trust, and many times we invest together. We advise each other, and we learn together.

Before Bridgetown places our investors’ money in an asset, we examine the property thoroughly. We bring in experts to evaluate the useful life of building systems as well as market potential. A typical Bridgetown due diligence cycle will include experts in areas such as:

Bridgetown is a dependable steward of our investors’ hard-earned capital.

Next Steps

If you are an investor looking for a steady, reliable place to park your capital, let’s talk. You can book a call via Calendly, or reach out through the contact form. I look forward to speaking with you.