SpaceX in Texas

SpaceX in Texasx with Ray Hightower

The above photo shows the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas. While walking the grounds, I was reminded of a question my mother once asked me. “Raymond, do you want to go to space?”

My response: “Yes.”

Conditions for Space Travel

Of course, my “yes” comes with conditions:

The above conditions will improve our odds of success while reducing failure to a tiny footnote.

SpaceX in Texasx with Ray Hightower

Space Travel and Investing

Investing is similar. Running a business is similar. I’ve done both for decades.

My team at Bridgetown Partners treats investing with the care and attention of a space mission. For the space mission, the safety of the crew is paramount. For our investors, the safety of your hard-earned capital is paramount. Planning is key. Returning home safely is the driving objective.

Plus, our investment vehicles offer handsome returns and tax benefits. You don’t get those in space!

Let’s Take the Voyage

If you like our approach, reach out via the Contact Form. Let’s take the voyage together. I look forward to hearing from you.