Keeping Investors Informed

Willetta Apartments in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Yesterday afternoon, my partners and I recorded a webinar for the benefit of our investors. We reported on the physical and financial condition of the property, and we shared our plans for moving forward. We shared good news, bad news, and so-so news. Our investors trust us because we treat their hard-earned money as if it were our own. And they know we’ll always keep them informed.

It feels good to be trusted.

Our team has another deal in the pipeline, and we will be accepting investors soon. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, 140+ units, an attractive asset that needs some professional care. Just right for our asset management team. My partners and I (and our contractors) have walked the property, examined the financials, and shopped the competition. We have a solid business plan for turning the property around.

When we turn a property around, everybody wins.

If you would like to know more about the deal, reach out via the contact page, email, or phone. We look forward to working with you.