From the Boiler Room

Here’s a quick video from the boiler room of a property where we recently performed due diligence.

A few folks have asked us: Why do you have so many people on-site for your due diligence walkthroughs?

So Many Inspectors

Why do you have so many inspectors? So many specialists in electrical systems, plumbing, rooftops, concrete, etc? Why do you have people in the office reviewing every lease?

Isn’t that overkill?

Advantages of Overkill

Yes, IT IS OVER-KILL. We overkill-it when we perform due diligence because we want the clearest possible picture of an asset before we acquire it.

Our overkill approach is in the best interest of our investors.

When we study an asset deeply, we can learn everything we need to know to provide the best possible living experience for our residents. That makes our residents happy.

Happy residents pay rent. And when rent gets paid, cash flows. Flowing cash makes our investors happy.

Everybody wins.