Keeping Investors Informed

Willetta Apartments in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Yesterday afternoon, my partners and I recorded a webinar for the benefit of our investors. We reported on the physical and financial condition of the property, and we shared our plans for moving forward. We shared good news, bad news, and so-so news. Our investors trust us because we treat their hard-earned money as if it were our own. And they know we’ll always keep them informed.

It feels good to be trusted.

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SpaceX in Texas

SpaceX in Texasx with Ray Hightower

The above photo shows the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas. While walking the grounds, I was reminded of a question my mother once asked me. “Raymond, do you want to go to space?”

My response: “Yes.”

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Apartment Acquisitions

Apartment Acquisitions in Nashville, TN with Ray Hightower

When I’m not jumping out of airplanes, you’ll likely find me touring an apartment property or running numbers for a potential investment.

I lead a company called Bridgetown Partners. At Bridgetown, we buy apartment properties, fix them up, and give people a great place to live. Here’s why residents and investors enjoy our work…

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Ikigai and the High Performance Playbook

Ikigai and the High Performance Playbook by Del Denney

Del Denney is a performance coach who helps business leaders, athletes, and other professionals to achieve better results. Most of his coaching sessions are conducted one-to-one or in small groups. I am one of Del’s clients, and his expertise has enabled me to increase my performance in the time since we met.

When I learned that Del was writing a book, I was excited because books are a great way for coaches to offer their thoughts to a wider audience. This article will discuss one of the concepts covered in Del’s High Performance Playbook, the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai.

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Leaders Manage Risks

Navigating Around PotHoles

A few years ago, I was invited to speak to a group of entrepreneurs about my business war stories. My background includes decades of leadership in technology and real estate. Most of the questions from the audience focused on those areas.

At one point an audience member asked, “What do you say to people who consider entrepreneurship to be risky?”

“It is risky,” I responded. And then I shared a story about potholes and steering wheels.

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