An Environment of Respect, 3rd Iteration

Last week, Coraline Ehmke and Liz Abinante met with three members of the WindyCityRails organizer team: Kevin Zolkiewicz, Alonda McCree, and me. Good dialog. End result: The updated WindyCityRails Code of Conduct.

Harassment is a serious issue, and a 140-character tweet will not do the discussion justice. Therefore, the ChicagoRuby organizers have created multiple communication channels for this issue:

If you have concerns in this area, please feel free to use one of the channels. The contact list may change as responsibilities shift within ChicagoRuby. However, there will always be multiple people available to address harassment concerns.

Thank you Coraline and Liz for your work in making this happen. And thank you Ken Walters of Brad’s Deals for facilitating the meeting.

History (updated 31Dec2015)

For a brief history of how this issue evolved, take a look at…

Next Steps

Now, let’s go write some code!