Ancient City Ruby 2016

Hashrocket launched Ancient City Ruby in 2013 and the conference has grown ever since. Participants come from around the world: Some to speak, some to learn, some to pair-program with the Hashrocket team for days (or weeks) after the conference.

I am grateful to the organizers for inviting me to present Get Ready for Parallel Programming Featuring Parallella this year.

Getting Started (with gotchas)

If you own a Pine64 or Parallella (or if you are planning to own them) the following posts provide info on getting the devices up and running:

Each post includes gotchas that got me so that they don’t get you. Continuous improvement is the goal, so your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Presentation Slides

Slides from the Ancient City Ruby presenation:


Thank you Hashrocket for organizing another great Ancient City Ruby conference!