Flourish! 2016 at UIC

Flourish! is an exciting and free (as in beer) open source conference held annually at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dates for this year: April 1-2, 2016.

Why Flourish?

We go to conferences so that we can learn about trends before everybody else. Flourish excels in predicting the future. Flourish introduced me to Arduino and Bitcoin years before they were common knowledge. The event is a magnet for open source enthusiasts who love to teach and learn.

Presentation Slides

This year, the organizers asked me to present Parallella. Bonus: Since my Pine64 arrived yesterday afternoon, I added it to the presentation. Fresh information on parallelism, straight from the oven!

Presentation slides are below.

Way to Go, Organizers!

Thank you to the organizers for running a consistently great conference, year after year.